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Increase to 15 ships! New Ocean Shipbuilding won the order of bulk carrier from Türkiye shipowner again


On March 28, Sumeida Ship renewed the construction contract of four Crown 63 PLUS ships with Türkiye ship owner CINER BULKERS. Mr Vasileios Papakalodoukas, He Jun, Secretary and Chairman of Sumida Shipbuilding Party Committee, Xu Bin, Deputy Secretary and General Manager of Sumida Shipbuilding Party Committee, and relevant personnel attended the signing ceremony.

Türkiye CINER is an important customer of Sumeida New Ocean Shipbuilding. The company is not only strong, but also very loyal. Since 2012, it has ordered seven 1.0 version Crown 63 series bulk carriers in the original Ocean. After the establishment of New Ocean Shipbuilding, in September 2021, the company renewed four 3.0 version Crown 63 PLUS bulk carriers, along with four renewed Crown 63 PLUS bulk carriers on the same day. All 15 ULTRAMAX ships built so far by the company are Crown 63 series bulk carriers built by New Ocean Shipbuilding.

It is understood that the Crown 63 PLUS (CROWN63 3.0 version) has collaborated with a Japanese professional design company to optimize the hull shape and adopt energy-saving and consumption reducing design, achieving the upgrading of advantageous ship types. The cargo capacity has significantly increased, and the speed and fuel consumption data have also significantly improved compared to the CROWN63 2.0 version. The EEDI value far exceeds the baseline, making it an excellent candidate among the Phase 3 ships.

This ship type has undergone multiple upgrades on the basis of the original brand ship type, with superior performance in all aspects: the cargo capacity, speed, fuel consumption and other data of the ship type have significantly improved, meeting the requirements of the International Maritime Organization IMO Ship Energy Efficiency Design Index EEDI 3 and Tier 3 emission standards. The design of the ship incorporates green concepts, optimizes the hull shape, and further demonstrates the advantages of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Continuously promoting product series configuration, providing multiple configuration options such as low resistance paint, desulfurization tower, high-voltage shore power system, and ship intelligent system, to meet the ship usage needs of different shipowners in various scenarios.

As of now, New Ocean Shipbuilding has delivered a total of 109 Crown 63 series bulk carriers, of which 15 are 3.0 version Crown 63 PLUS ships. After the signing of this order, New Ocean Crown 63 PLUS has 57 orders in hand, with ship owners worldwide. New Ocean Shipbuilding has become one of the preferred shipyards for world shipowners to order ULTRAMAX in China due to its outstanding design of the Crown 63 ship type and global reputation.

Sumida Shipbuilding will actively explore the organic connection between shipbuilding business and strategic emerging industries, resonate with the strategic direction of the future development of the national shipbuilding industry, seize opportunities for future industrial development, and serve the larger country.

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