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First appearance of 4 ships docked together! The construction of Shanghai East China Large LNG Ship has experienced "acceleration"


On the afternoon of March 24th, the 2nd shipyard of China Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., located in the Changxing Shipbuilding Base of China Shipbuilding Corporation, presented for the first time the construction of four 174000 cubic meter large liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport ships in the same dock, with two ships leaving the dock on the same day and two and a half ships floating. The scene of four ships building in the same dock will not only become the norm, but also mark the beginning of an "acceleration" mode in the construction of Shanghai East China LNG ships and the entry of a new stage of capacity doubling strategy.

Among the two LNG ships that were docked together this time, one of them is a fifth generation ship type independently developed and designed by Hudong Zhonghua according to the world's latest design concepts. Its total length is 299 meters, width is 46.4 meters, and depth is 26.25 meters. Adopting the latest generation of twin stern fin lines and equipped with multiple low-carbon and energy-saving technologies, compared with the previous generation of LNG ships, the daily carbon emissions can be reduced by more than 10 tons, and the cargo hold loading rate is higher. Each voyage can load an additional 800 cubic meters of LNG. It can efficiently adapt to various operational requirements of diversified routes, reach 120 LNG terminals on all continents around the world, and has excellent global universality. It is reported that once the ship type was launched, it immediately attracted enthusiastic praise from the market and orders flooded in. As of now, Shanghai East China holds more than 30 orders for this type of ship, with a cumulative order of over 50. The delivery date has been arranged until 2028, ranking first in the global construction of large LNG transport ships.

2024 is a crucial year for Shanghai East China to implement the strategy of doubling LNG ship construction capacity. At present, the number of LNG ships under construction has reached as many as 16, with 8 planned to be completed throughout the year, striving to create a new record for annual completion and delivery of LNG transport ships to China.

Under the guidance of the strategy of doubling LNG ship construction capacity, Shanghai East China relies on a series of measures such as technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, digital process optimization, and rapid dock loading to continuously improve construction quality and efficiency, running out of the "acceleration" and entering the "fast lane", further strengthening the LNG ship market brand, making new contributions to Shanghai's accelerated cultivation and development of new quality productivity, and vigorously promoting the construction of a modern industrial system, presenting new highlights.

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