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A good start! Naming and delivery of the new generation MR finished oil tanker by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International


On January 31st, the naming and delivery ceremony of the 49600 ton chemical/oil product ship "ARREBOL" (hull number 21110037), built by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's Guangzhou Shipbuilding International and China Shipbuilding Trade for China Bank Financial Leasing, was held. The ship adopts the new generation MR ship design independently developed by Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, fully demonstrating the design and construction strength of Guangzhou Shipbuilding International's MR oil tankers.

The 49600 ton chemical/finished oil tanker delivered this time has a total length of 183 meters, a hull width of 32 meters, a designed draft of 11 meters, and a service speed of 14.5 knots. It is equipped with energy-saving devices and SCR exhaust gas treatment systems, which can further reduce fuel consumption and meet the latest effective rules and regulations. The Energy Efficiency Operating Index (EEDI) meets the latest phase III requirements of the International Maritime Organization, representing the advanced level of the "Wide Ship Type" MR tanker.

Not only is the design performance index of the ship superior, but the ship has also focused on integrity and clean production during the construction process, achieving new breakthroughs in quality and efficiency, fully demonstrating Guangzhou Shipbuilding International's leading position in the field of MR oil tankers. The ship's power generation motor vehicle and load test time are shortened; For the first time, the construction of external barriers and special coatings has been achieved, effectively alleviating the pressure on dock berths; The cabin painting and polishing has broken the record for the shortest cycle, laying the foundation for shortening the construction period; Complete the hot work operation in the cabin before the sea trial and strictly implement the dynamic zero clearance requirements for both hands and tails; High score passed the sea trial phase evaluation, and the engine room paint met the delivery standard before the sea trial; Efficiently complete the trial voyage project, with a trial voyage period of only 120 hours for the first ship.

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